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Kacper Gronkiewicz


Kacper Gronkiewicz has been runninghis own design studio since 2007. He brings his passion for the architecture of buildings into the architecture of their interiors, and in his projects he tries to include something that goes beyond mere function, adding extra meaning to the space. He is the author of two of the ten bars recognised by Vogue as the most beautiful bars in Poland - Aura and Foton. In 2014, he designed the bookshop at the Jewish Historical Institute, whose shelves are negatives of the buildings of the Synagogue and the well from the square at Tłomackie Street, set up facing one another other. In addition to designing private spaces, Gronkiewicz is the author of the interiors of the Dom Krzeptowskich guesthouse in the Tatra Mountains, as well as clubs and restaurants, which include Adam Gessler’s iconic ‘U Kucharzy’ restaurant in the Europejski Hotel, and Daniel Pawełek’s ‘Le Braci’ in Warsaw. In 2020, he was nominated for the Dezeen award for best bar interior and received the international A Design Award for the design of the Aura bar.

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