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PAGED is well-known for its reliable products made of bentwood, solid wood and plywood. If you asked an older Polish person about the brand, you would probably hear that PAGED chairs or tables are a perfect choice if you need lasting quality and timeless design. This is because many grandmas all over the country still have our chairs in their living rooms, therefore we are associated with something homely, comfy and familiar. It’s been like that for some 140 years.

This year we want to show you a less familiar and drastically different face of our brand. Because today PAGED is where all vast experience is used to build a new future. Here ideas meet and collide. We make use of CNC machines and experienced human wood benders. Designers from various backgrounds freely collaborate with craftsmen and engineers.

Fantasies come true. Diversity of approaches and expressions is our statement. We neither follow nor particularly care about any trends. We believe that great designs are born out of freedom of thought and positive interactions between people who dare to leave their comfort zones. In PAGED, this freedom leads to action and allows us commit to a space you could call a playground for designers. The space of hard work but also of joy, lightness and hope for a better future in uncertain times.

Alter Ego puts together our classic pieces in their purest form – from the Thonet bentwood chairs to the 20thand 21st-century models with their new interpretations and new additions. They are made not only by furniture designers but also by interior designers and Architects from various generations. We decided to put these vastly different ideas on one stage and reveal them to you. We hope you enjoy them!


Alter Ego Collection 2023

The premiere of the Paged Alter Ego Collection took place during the Salone del Mobile.Milano trade fair

Exhibition in Milan

We showed the Alter Ego collection for the first time at the world's largest furniture fair, Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 2023. Our stand attracted with the openness and diversity of the new collection. We built it with the idea of a 'zero waste exhibition stand'. We built the base of the exhibition - platforms in the shape of multi-level islands - from Paged plywood made from recycled materials, and we will be using them in whole or in part at upcoming fairs, such as Interzum in Cologne in May or Warsaw Home in Warsaw in November this year.


We agreed with the Salone del Mobile organisers that the natural birch trees we used as a natural element of the display would be replanted. We will reuse the curtain, which formed a non-obvious backdrop, and the same goes for the floor, which we have been using for three years now. We also hope that the PLATO tables and PLASA chairs, which were not only exhibitis but we used them to work during the fair, will find their way into your space, which we invite you to furnish together with Paged.

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Alter Ego Collection
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All about us

We aim to design and manufacture furniture as durable as the foundations of our tradition, which is: more than 140 years old and is based on using wood as the noblest and most natural material; respect for the environment and the resources it provides; maintaining the heritage of precise handwork that makes each of our products a one-of-a-kind piece.

Designers and Contributors

The starting point for us is human and the quality of his life.
Paged Design Team are people with passion – furniture designers and interior architects, employees of the technology department, the department responsible for product development, as well as marketing and sales – experts in listening to user opinions. Design is a process for us. We focus on the functionality and ergonomics of solutions, but we also look at it from many perspectives. The most important view is related to the value that our work provides to people and culture. We make sure that our furniture communicates beauty and originality, as well as timelessness.








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